Hi there we really need some help from local residents to help us lock up Fortune St Park to avoid any disturbance in the park in summer months especially ,  but also needs locking up all year round to prevent unsavoury things happening. The park needs to be secured so children can play safely with little risk resulting from any kind of antisocial behaviour. 

We are the first park to lead in the local community taking responsibility for gate locking. Islington greenspace just can’t afford to do this in all the parks anymore so we have all stepped up to keep your local park safe all for all to enjoy and have a peaceful night in the summer.... this is now being rolled out across the borough due to our success over the past 2 years .

However people move on and we need to recruit again and are looking for 19 people at least to share the responsibility . 

There is a well organised rota and lots of flexibility in availability any help will be appreciated as there are only 5 of us at the moment .  You will need to attend a free training provided by Islington Greenspace, mostly about safeguarding and looking after onesself.

Locking the park is always done in pairs the locking and takes 5-10 minutes .  Please share with anyone you may think would like to help. please let us know ASAP if you can attend the training it’s not a heavy training mostly common sense . And usually not too long 

Thank you Friends of Fortune Street Park